Stability Testing

892 Professional Rancimat

The 892 Professional Rancimat determines the oxidation stability of natural fats and oils, in their pure form as well as in fat-containing foods and cosmetics, using the established Rancimat method.

To this end, it accelerates the aging process of the sample by exposing it to heat and increased volumes of air, and it measures the time that passes until oxidation takes place at a high rate – the induction time or oxidation stability index (OSI). Operation, evaluation, and data management in the user-friendly StabNet software for PC make analyses with the Rancimat easy and safe.

Key Features

  • Compliant with standards including AOCS Cd 12b-92 and ISO 6886
  • User-friendly StabNet software for instrument control, results evaluation, and data management
  • Simultaneous analysis of up to eight samples
  • Each sample position can be started separately and directly on the instrument
  • Download Brochure : 892 Professional Rancimat


    Metrohm's high-end titrator for discerning professionals.

    Titrando titrators have been developed to meet exacting titration demands. These titrators come with a wide range of security and traceability options, making them particularly suitable for use in regulated industries. Titrandos are capable of performing all common titration types and offer a host of automation and control options.

    Key Features

  • Full traceability (audit trail) and compliance (FDA 21 CFR Part 11, GLP, GMP)
  • Improved convenience through iTrodes, Dosino technology, and tiamo software
  • Additional dosing devices, stirrers, and measuring inputs for customized setups
  • Extensive automation options for increased sample throughput and sample preparation
  • Download Brochure : 901 Titrando