Microwave Drying


Flowers and High Terpene Plant Materials

Rapid dehydration: from fresh to dry flower in 45 minutes.

EnWave’s low-temperature process quickly and uniformly dries organic material to the precise moisture needed for combustible or extractable flower.

  • Products Include: Flowers, Spices, High Terpene Armoatic Plants, Cannabis, Potpourri, and Industrial Hemp

    High Capacity Processing

    A single 120 kW quantaREV® system can dry about 840 kg (about 1850 lbs) of wet flower in a single 8-hour day, producing about 190 kg (about 420 lbs) of dry flower per shift.
    Operating just two shifts per day, 5 days per week, a single machine can dry about 420,000 kg (about 925,000 lbs) of wet flower yielding about 95,000 kg (about 209,000 lbs) of dry flower per year.



    High Speed Processing

  • Rapid drying with significant time savings over Air Drying and Freeze Drying
  • New Product Opportunities

  • Unlock product options otherwise unachievable with other technologies
  • Scalability

  • Machine options that scale from research and design, batch production to continuous commercial production
  • Reduced Energy Usage

  • Rapid drying times equate to reduced energy usage for the equivalent throughput
  • Continuous Processing

  • Integrate REV technology into your continuous production line for full scale processing
  • Flexible Moisture Content

  • This uniform drying method allows for a range of final moisture percentage and the ability to create shelf-stable products at various moisture percentages


    Drum-based Machinery

    The product load tumbles in rotating drums, moving through the vacuum microwave chamber, as the microwave energy is used to homogeneously dehydrate the product load to a desired residual moisture content.

  • nutraRev is suitable for the dehydrating of organic materials that can be tumbled without breaking, typically discrete pieces of food
  • Many fruit, vegetables, meat products, dairy products, spices, herbs and grains can be efficiently and homogeneously dired on the nutraREV platform
  • Commercial-scale nutraREV machines are currently being used to produce dried fruit, meat products, dairy products and spices by several of EnWaves royalty partners
  • The operator may also change the combination of vacuum and radient energy via an integrated HMI and PLC system to produce desired end-product characteristics.


    Tray-Based Machinery

    The quantaREV® process begins by placing product loads into microwave transparent trays outside the dryer under ambient pressure.

    Those trays are then fed into the vacuum chamber via a belt, through a double sluice entry. Within the dryer the trays are transported continuously one behind the other.

    The product is discharged via a final horizontal sluice. The dried product load is then removed from the trays outside the machinery.

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