Total Organic Carbon Analysis

Versatile Solution For Your Lab

In the field of sum parameter analysis we offer versatile solutions for your laboratory. Whether routine analysis of moderate sample quantities or high throughput analysis, you will find what you are looking for. In addition to the systems of the multi N/C series for powerful TOC/TNb determination in environmental monitoring and the pharmaceutical industry and the multi X 2500 for AOX/TOX, EOX, and POX analysis, the multi EA 5000 systems also enable the determination of TOC and AOX/EOX, the multi EA 4000 systems enable the determination of TOC/TIC, EC/RC, and BOC in solids. An extensive range of accessories allows the individual adaptation of the instruments to your laboratory conditions.

multi X 2500

The allrounder for environmental monitoring In environmental monitoring as well as in process and quality control, the determination of organic halogens which can be adsorbed by activated charcoal is very important for the evaluation of water and waste water. With the multi X 2500, Analytik Jena provides a flexible, future-oriented system for sum parameter analysis that meets the requirements of every modern laboratory.

AOX/TOX/EOX/POX/TX analysis Thanks to the innovative double furnace technology and the proven gas lock for sample introduction multi X 2500 is a completely new generation of AOX analyzers.

Double furnace technology The innovative double furnace technology with tilting furnace combines the advantages of both the vertical and horizontal furnace into one analysis system. A design that sets standards.

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multi N/C series

TOC and TNb analysis for each application

From surface and waste water investigations in the environmental sector to high-purity water in the semiconductor or pharmaceutical industry - our multi N/C instruments offer you tailor-made solutions for reliable TOC/TNb measurements in your field of application. Especially in the case of difficult sample matrices, the devices are convincing due to their reliability and ease of maintenance..

With the devices of the multi N/C series you work in compliance to the valid standards and with the devices of the pharma series to the FDA/GMP guidelines.The devices guarantee maximum operating time and low running costs. Analytik Jena offers a ten-year warranty on the NDIR detector and on the furnace technology of combustion-based multi N/C models and a three-year warranty on the UV reactor for UV-based multi N/C models.

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multi EA 4000

Solids analysis – easy and reliable

Environmental analysis

The multi EA 4000 offers precise and reliable environmental analysis and is incredibly easy to use. It guarantees you the fully automated determination of the environmentally relevant parameters TC, TOC, TIC, EC and BOC in soil, sediments, waste, minerals and other inorganic solids.

Elemental analysis

The multi EA 4000 stands for fast, low-maintenance macro-elemental analysis. It enables you to determine the parameters TS and TC in inorganic and organic solids straightforwardly and simultaneously. TX determination is no problem at all. Furthermore, additional options allow the speciation of carbon — TOC, TIC, EC, OC, and BOC.

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multi EA 5000

The multi-talent of elemental analysis

Versatile, fast, and sensitive

The multi EA 5000 is extremely versatile: In addition to the testing of carbon, nitrogen, sulfur, and chlorine, the instrument also provides for the determination of important environmental parameters such as TOC, AOX/TOX, and EOX. C/N/S/Cl testing is carried out in one analysis cycle, the change between C/N/S and Cl determination is fully automatic, with no conversion of the instrument required. Preset standard methods simplify your work further and reduce measuring time.

  • Optimal for oil and gas, petrochemical and chemical, and polymer industries
  • Compliant for a large number of common international and national regulations (ASTM, EPA, DIN, ISO, EN, etc.)
  • The modular principle allows for the system to be designed individually – an extension is possible at any time should your requirements change
  • HiPerSens detection provides for a broad linear measuring range at the highest levels of detection
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