About EnWave


EnWaves mission is to partner with food and pharmaceutical processing companies to help them find solutions to their processing challenges. Aiming to help them discover new and innovative applications and uncover opportunities using Radiant Energy Vacuum (REV) technology.

REV technology allows EnWave’s partners to meet the evolving consumer demands for convenient, premium, nutritious food applications and pharmaceutical products.

Their History

EnWave’s technology dates back to 1996 with the development of the first prototype REV machine at the University of British Columbia for dehydrating food and nutraceuticals. Since that time, the company has developed, produced and sold at commercial-scale.

1996 – Innovation emerges at the University of British Columbia and several patents are filed
1999 – EnWave Corporation is listed on the TSX Venture Exchange and capital infusion accelerates technological advances
2009 – First machine sold to a Canadian blueberry processor
2012 – Patent acquisition from the University of British Columbia
2013 – NutraDried established to commercialise Moon cheese snack product
2018 – Full acquisition of NutraDried
2019 – EnWave Corporate listed as the 5th fastest-growing company in BC by BIV


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