Ethanol Extraction


Mach Centrifuge Extraction Units 


Mach Technologies stand alone centrifuge extraction equipment was designed for specialized botanical extraction using ethanol. Our system uses state of the art controls, and is 100% manufactured in the U.S.A. in our vertically integrated facility in Michigan.

  • Up to 98% botanical compound removal
  • Up to 97% ethanol removal from biomass
  • Single-operator state of the art controls


Model: CES-300
Capacity: 8-13 lbs per batch, up to 300 lbs per shift
Batch Cycle Time: Typical 10-15 minutes
Footprint: 26" L x 36" W x 77" H
*Footprint for stand alone centrifuge


Model: CES-1000
Capacity: 40-55 lbs per batch, up to 1000 lbs per shift
Batch Cycle Time: Typical 15-20 minutes
Footprint: 48” L x 38” W x 78” H
*Footprint for stand alone centrifuge


Model: CES-600
Capacity: 25-30 LBS per batch, up to 650 LBS per shift
Batch Cycle Time: Typical 15-20 minutes
Footprint: 45.5" W 43" D x 68.75" H
*Footprint for stand alone centrifuge

X10 MSE - Extraction System


The X10 MSE (multi-solvent extractor) is the company’s flagship extraction system. Utilizing ethanol solvents, the X10 processes more than 10 lbs of material per run with an average 55 minute recovery time* making it ideal for mid-level commercial production and craft applications. With patent pending jacketed vessels, the X10 comes equipped with on-demand heating and chilling, providing the system with maximum control and ease of operation.

Ethanol Specifications

  • Non-Volatile, EPR reviewed, Closed Loop, Type 6 process for licensed operations (when used with ethanol solvent)
  • Pressurized Aqueous Cold Ethanol Extraction (PACEE) for superior full spectrum cannabinoid and terpene removal
  • 30L of ethanol used per run
  • Approximate 15L/h recovery rate with 50L UL listed rotovap
  • Approximate 2.25H processing time per run (single batch with full recovery)
  • 3H processing time (triple batch with full recovery)
  • Certified for Class 1, Division 2 environments
  • 95%+ cannabinoid and terpene removal
  • N2 pressurized saturation compatible up to 200PSI for excellent solubility (ASME certified vessels)
  • Up to 3 runs per solvent batch
  • Full spectrum yields great for high CBD hemp products
  • Temperature Control Options

  • Huber CC-505
  • Huber CC-508
  • Huber CC-515
  • Huber Unistate 815
  • Devex CryoEXS - Crude Oil Extraction

    DEVEX CryoEXS 400

    All-in-one Cryo-Extraction, Solvent Recovery and Decarboxylation system. Features: Low residual solvent left in spent biomass by means of steam stripping; Extraction temperature: sub-zero, no need to de-wax.

    DEVEX Design (Connect-plug-product) : The DEVEX Cryo Ethanol Extraction System is mounted on two stainless steel skids. The DEVEX Cryo Ethanol Extraction System is supplied completely piped, cabled and can be used directly after interconnection of the two skids and connection to the utilities.

    DEVEX CryoEXS 400
    The DEVEX Cryo Ethanol Extraction System provides the following processes;

  • Solvent Cooling
  • Ethanol Extraction
  • Ethanol Recovery
  • Ethanol Stripping out of cannabis biomass after Ethanol Extraction
  • Decarboxylation
  • Explosion Protection
    Due to the use of ethanol for solvent the equipment is designed to match with hazardous environment conditions Ethanol IIB T3, inside zone 1 / outside zone 2 (ATEX II 2G / ATEX II 3G). For the North American market the system is designed to match the conditions NEMA Class I Division 2 (CID2).

    Parts in contact with product or solvent: AISI 316, 316 L, 316 Ti

    Technical Data - CryoEXS400
    Ethanol Recovery

  • Evaporation Capacity: 350 l/h, Ethanol
  • Solvent: Ethanol
  • Evaporation Pressure: 100 - 1000 mbar (abs.)
  • Design Pressure: - 0.9 / 0.5 barg

  • Extraction
  • Extractor: 1 x 100L
  • Feed: Approx. 180kg Cannabis Biomass / 8h (400 lbs)
  • Solvent: Ethanol
  • Extraction Temperature: Sub-Zero
  • Pressure Level: - 0.9 / 0.5

  • Parts in contact with product or solvent: AISI 316, 316 L, 316 Ti