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The laboratory: Pristine, methodical, and well-equipped. When you think of a basic lab these are words that are likely to come to mind. However, a keyword is missing here-- Innovation. Innovation is the key purpose of the laboratory, but without the proper tools, it is impossible to achieve. As a leading manufacturer of botanical extraction equipment, HGS understands the importance of having the proper tools and technology in any laboratory.

Holland Green Science is a global company with worldwide expertise in the cannabis extraction market. Cannabis has been growing as an industry for decades, with the life science hub of the Netherlands pioneering the way. HGS is proud to be located here, where we are surrounded by industry-leading advancements and research. With North American operations based in Chicago, they provide innovative extraction equipment worldwide, whether your needs are recreationally or pharmaceutically based. Their products are high-quality, secure and GMP-ready to ensure reliability. Like scientists, they understand the need for accurate, safe, and forward-thinking technology.

Their team is focused on bringing you the equipment you need to make innovation a reality in an ever-changing world. Biomass or final product, medicinal or recreational, Holland Green Science has a solution for your cannabis extraction needs.



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