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Lab Society is your source of top-of-the-line chemistry equipment and laboratory products

Lab Society believes that when it comes to competing in today's competitive markets: "time is of the essence" What's more, timely production is essential for a company to achieve sustainable growth in the marketplace. This is why at Lab Society, they are constantly striving to manufacture and source the highest quality and most affordable scientific equipment on the market. They have done the hard work, so that you can shop in confidence

Services include;

  • Laboratory/work-space design
  • Lab equipment setup & operation
  • Custom process design - tailoring specific techniques to your products
  • Hand-on process consultations
  • Product production - everything from process control, dosing, efficiency, scalability, and marketing
  • End-product appearance, packaging, and consistency
    Production Technologies
    ConcentrationHomogenisationIsolate PurificationDecarboxylationPlant MillingPlant DryingEthanol EvaporationExtractionPreparationFiltrationTrypene ExtractionFreeze DryingConfiner Integrity TestingWinterisation & Filtration
    Cannabis Analysis
    Sample PreparationMoisture TestingTotal Organic Carbon AnalysisStability TestingHeavy Metal Analysis
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