About Mach Technologies


They are an innovation-driven technology and manufacturing company at heart.  Providing complete turnkey equipment and technologies for our customers, and strive to make our equipment the most efficient, safest, compliant, and easy to use systems in the world.  With over 80+ years of expertise in technology development, and specialized equipment manufacturing, they continue to push the envelope on efficiencies and process development, next generation research and development, and new equipment and technologies for the botanical extraction industry.

Their Story

Mach Technologies was founded by Rob Wirtz, Jason Wirtz, and John Wirtz II, who knew their extensive experience in product development, technology commercialization, and deep roots in specialized equipment manufacturing could greatly advance the botanical extraction industry.  When they entered the botanical equipment and technology market, the processing equipment was not at the technology level where they envisioned it needed to be for a long term success of the various botanical extraction markets, and due to this gap in technologies and their vision of the market expansion, they began development of their flagship EES Model Automated Ethanol Extraction Machine.  From the development of their flagship product, their EES Model Automated Ethanol Extraction System which was originally branded under their company Python Extraction Systems, they have aggressively developed key technologies which increase throughput, efficiencies, and operator ease of use to make botanical processing facilities more efficient, and competitive. The team rebranded the company from Python Extraction Systems, to Mach Technologies in 2020 to align with the vision of expanding past their flagship product, the ethanol extraction systems, and focusing on multiple key technologies, along with the expansion of their sales & technical support teams for the global market..  Mach Technologies still designs, fabricated, assembles, and tests their products in their vertically integrated facility in Michigan, but now has sales teams spread across the world for sales and technical support, allowing us to better support our customers around the globe.



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