Anhydrous Solvent Purification

About Solvent Purification

A Solvent Purification System operates by way of solvent storage vessels being pressurized through an inert gas supply. The solvent rises through a dip tube and then flows through a series of two filter columns that absorb moisture from the solvent. Ultra pure solvents are then dispensed into Schlenk.

Solvent Purification Systems - SPBT-1

The SPBT-1 bench top solvent purifier is a compact yet complete system for safely drying solvents and was specifically designed to fit on a bench top or in a fume hood.

This point-of-use system is perfect for small or single use solvent applications. It is a small package, but has the same purification capacity as their larger units (800 liters) and sues the same high quality components. The SP-1 has merely been repackaged to fit into a small space.

The system comes complete with a small 5-liter solvent key that can be easily disconnected and refilled. Since this small keg only holds 5 liters it commonly removes the requirement of storing the solvent in a bulky fire cabinet.

Solvent Purification Systems - SP-1

The SP-1 stand alone solvent purifier is a complete shystem built from the highest quality components such as Swagelok and has the capacity to handle up to seven (7) different solvents. The system delivers 2 ppm anhydrous solvents using a safe and reliable process

It uses low-pressure nitrogen gas to force solvents through various filter materials that remove moisture and impurities from the solvent, delivering moisture free solvent for your application cleanly and safely.

The complete system comes with everything you need to start drying solvents. All you have to do is connect high purity nitrogen or argon, a power supply for the vacuum pump and you are ready to go.


  • Fume enclosure purification column system to protect aginst spills and allow targeted fume extraction
  • Fume extraction at dispensing point
  • Unique collection flasks for inert atmosphere solvent dispense with septa for solvent use

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